weekend distraction: graphic tees

It is rare that there is a graphic tee I would consider wearing. Some I can like on others but it’s not quite my style – the graphic distracts from the play of color and texture, which is so much more compelling to me.

This week, though, I’ve seen a few that have me reconsidering.

First and most seriously under consideration is the Kiss kiss tee from the J Crew Fall ’13 season. Simple text on one of my favorite things: a white shirt. AND words and kisses are two more of my favorite things (you may remember that I love kisses). I am not in the habit of buying expensive t-shirts…or really t-shirts at all, but maybe I will make an exception here.


Next is this astrology tee from LuckyBrand, which I just happened to see on a hunt for a blazer. I’m not a devotee of astrology but I do like the symbols associated with and the ancient concepts behind it. I am consistently interested in complex symbolic systems but more to the point, the image is cool to me. Also to the point, the cotton they use is incredibly soft and thin.


astrology zoomStill debating.

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