the sweater dress

A person who sees only fashion in fashion is a fool.

                                    – Honoré de Balzac. 1799-1850

The color of this dress is, for me, the embodiment of autumn. It’s kind of a cross between olive and rust, looking quite different depending on the light. Earth tones, how do I love thee.

IMG_7297I am completely fixated on this kind of rust-sepia shade right now. This encompasses cognac and whiskey shades, too. Here, for example, is a Pixiwoo tutorial for a sepia eye look I’ve been keeping in the wings, wanting to try out.

It would be superfluous to outline the virtues of the sweater dress, right? Its appeal is universal and self-evident? I am also much enamored of its close cousin, the turtle-neck dress, which will become clear by and by. The crew neck keeps this one reading quite casual to me, though it’s so brief in the leg that it can never be as casual as its crew neck seems to promise. Unless I wear it as a normal sweater, which I will certainly do.


IMG_7320American Apparel knit sweater crew neck dress, vintage Levi’s belt (brown + black, yes), Zara heels*, Breil Milano watch, Pearls of Joy 10mm studs, brown-dyed freshwater pearl necklace (as bracelet) from eBay, vintage LuckyBrand bag.

*I came across a picture of the kitten-heeled version of these Zara pumps on a great Polish style blog. They are from several seasons ago, evidently, and I could only find the taller style available anywhere now, but I loved this look so much that I didn’t care. Advertisements wish they could be as effective as this photo. I wish I could take a photo like this. Look how nice this looks! So nice! Sooner or later I plan to wear them exactly like this. Imitation/flattery/etc.


The cutout edge and instep are what got me, I think. The pointed toe I don’t actually love, abstractly, but I’m succumbing to the trend of them a little here. Well, it happens. I will admit it. You see enough images of a trend styled well (that is, if it is not simply beyond saving – some trends will always be incomprehensible) and you start to come around, bit by bit.



the jumpsuit, the topknot

           I love to be well dress’d Sir: and think it 

No scandal to my understanding.

                                           – George Etherege, Man of Mode. 1676.



IMG_6625There are bugs on the ground.

I gathered my hair into a topknot when I was messing around with different turban styles and liked it so much I decided to try it officially. I like it, though I think I liked the really (incredibly, horribly, could-not-be-worn-in-public) messy version better.

Oh, this is the bag I usually carry around, these days. A great thrift find that looks like a still-slightly-grubby re-purposed vintage leather football. I don’t necessarily like a bag to look pristine (then it doesn’t look casual), and I don’t want my daily bag to be something I have to suspend in a bubble of anxiety to keep it like new. Better for me to have something that, when it does incur wear, grows in character and interest.


IMG_6639At which point it begins to rain, and I am unimpressed.


Calvin Klein silk jumpsuit, Steve Madden realove heels, Zara scarf, Skagen watch, vintage LuckyBrand hobo bag. On the nails: OPI polish in Mermaid’s Tears.

These heels make me about 5’11”, and I feel that I take on Amazon-like proportions in them. The pale blush color extends this illusion further still. I like this very much.

I’ve mentioned before that I take heels with a grain of salt, valuing the absence of pain as I do*, but it cannot be denied that they create new lines and angles. When only a bit of standing or sitting is required, I can quite enjoy those lines, those angles.

*The amount of discomfort I’m willing to tolerate seems to depend on many factors.