rock on

Rocks are so lovely. I really like rocks. I hang-out-in-the-natural-history-museum like rocks. I like trees and plants and other things that fall under the umbrella of nature as well…but especially rocks. Rocks, crystals, other kinds of mineral deposits that harden into rock-like structures…

After all, you can wear rocks.

While I do like stones that have been formed into beads, faceted, manhandled, I have a visceral appreciation for the raw beauty of a more organic presentation.

semi precious stone necklaces

Really craving this kind of large, raw-edged, stone jewelry for the last few years. Such stones feel somehow naked and true. Anchoring.

amethyst necklace

Here is a gorgeous piece of amethyst and citrine crystals, unabashedly bulky and heavy. While potentially [ideally] imposing, I find such jewelry capable of being casual where a more ornate (“fine”) piece would feel overdressed and out of place. It’s simultaneously overstated and understated. Eye-catching and bold yet approachable, relatively inexpensive, versatile.

turquoise necklace

Turquoise I love any day of the week, in all forms. There are a number of stones available in this format of bulky puddle-stone style necklaces and I find myself drawn to them. In wearing such stones I seem to be saying, what more processing do they need to serve as worthy embellishment? None. Pull them from the ground, clean them up, drill some holes, et voilà. Fit for a queen.

There is something stately about them, too. Solemn, even. Something not at all frivolous, unlike those ubiquitous faux-stone bib necklaces, for example. Not that I can’t appreciate those but they have little stylistic weight, if that makes any sense. Even when well-played they are still merely trendy. Trendy can go far, very far indeed in our culture, but do we not want to go beyond that?

I think the word I’m looking for is fierce.

amber necklace

Love the warmth and luminosity of amber. One does feel rather like some goddess of the earth when wearing a rustic band of jagged amber, bedecked with the fruits of the underground (one’s shadowy domain? I like where this is going). I recommend it. I happen to have picked these pieces up on eBay. Others like them aren’t hard to find, and beautiful semi-precious stones abound.



I was recently in California, a place I love. Mainly Oakland, where I was visiting GeekOutsider, though I was in San Francisco some as well. It’s refreshing to go somewhere with such a different atmosphere, such a different look from where I live now.  [I’ve been back from vacation for a while but I’ve been working non-stop. Caught a cold, too, inconveniently, on which I blame plane air; always so suspicious and dry.]


Lake Merritt


Lake Merritt is lousy with ducks and cranes. I do like a good crane.



Farmer’s market


Love this shot of the barista’s tattoos and sneakers.



A gorgeous market basket, carried by my hosts.


Seriously, who doesn’t want a succulent wall? If you follow me on instagram you know I’m always stopping to take pictures of plants. Flowers especially. I find them beautiful and like to have them as studies for painting.



Murals outside historic black bookstore Marcus Books, a wonderfully curated bookstore.



New Zealand Christmas Tree


Isn’t this pineapple situation amazing? I just found it like this…


Dim sum! Guys, I had so much dim sum. So many black bean sesame balls.



Too bad I didn’t take pictures of the food at Elephant Sushi or Burma Love, so, so good. Burma Love or Burma Superstar: can’t go wrong.