I’m Meghan, currently a graduate student in industrial design at Pratt Institute.

Around the time I stopped blogging here (ca. 2017) I started working crazy hours and wasn’t able to maintain this project. At the same time, I hadn’t clearly articulated what I wanted it to do…still pondering this. Originally it was a platform to share whatever I liked or found beautiful, primarily to be able to share it with friends.

I believe in empowering individuals, in balance and harmony, in the importance of beauty, in connecting with nature, and in the power of objects and environments to transform us.

Other stuff, too.

Why the seventh sphinx? The sphinx is a fierce, wondrous creature of mystery, one I’ve always found compelling and identified with. The phrase came to me one day many years ago and sounded so right. I am but one sphinx among many.

Contact: theseventhsphinx(at)gmail(dot)com (social is better, I don’t check this a lot now)

instagram & twitter: @theseventhsphinx

You can see my design work at www.meghanday.com