acquisitions: THIS RING

Once in a while I find something I want in that genuine, doubtless way that means I will investigate acquisition, and once in a while that thing is expensive.

[More and more? A disturbing trend.]

Often I hold this thing up against other things I want and can see how it pales, and life is very simple then. A simple no. Sometimes it is in fact too expensive, and simply out of the question. This too, is easy. I am saved the expense of the very fine but not irresistible thing, and my desire for the comparison thing(s) is reinforced. Follow?

Sometimes, though (and–I suppose by definition?–rarely) it does not pale in comparison, but outshines all. And then I have to make calculations, and any sacrifices necessary, and outline a plan of acquisition. Because I have decided that someday it will be mine.

That is what happened with this ring from Solange Azagury-Partridge, which I got deeply discounted on eBay and which was still outrageously expensive. At least, for me, and my definition of expensive. I guess the line had a celebrity following a while ago (50% of the profits go to AIDS prevention in Africa), or maybe still do, but I just stumbled across one on eBay (and swooned), knowing nothing about them. Who cares about celebrities, anyhow? Either you want something or you don’t.

IMG_3170-modAnd I love it.


Almost as much as I love kisses.