on the street: studded python


OK, I’m not saying I want these, though python has come up recently and will come up again soon (I got a bikini..and some other stuff…), but I was delighted to run into them. Also appreciating the chameleon-like effect going on between the shoes and the sun-dappled sidewalk.

Studding isn’t something I currently want in my life (and it’s annoyingly ubiquitous now…keep finding things I would like if only they hadn’t been studded to within an inch of their structural integrity) but I’m glad it’s out there, and I particularly like this example; studding not as embellishment on an otherwise normal, dreary or unremarkable item but as an additional outlandish touch to an item that was a bit outlandish to begin with.

Also, yes to high-tops. I haven’t had a pair since seventh grade (bright blue with Tweety bird on them, inexplicably) but maybe it’s time to revisit the look. I keep going back to this picture of Erykah Badu sporting an extra high number from Converse and it looks better each time. Better than any piece of Converse advertising I’ve ever seen. [Also, why do all of my jeans have their knees intact? It’s as if I didn’t even live through the 90s.] Sadly, this silhouette doesn’t seem to come in many colors. Isn’t it always the way? Going to keep thinking about it.