on trend (me?!): white pumps

If I ever like a trend, it is usually years later, when it is no longer current. No longer trending. And it is usually by chance, as I never knew about the trend in the first place, and only stumbled upon something I liked. Or I have already liked the trend for years.

Sometimes discovering that something is a trend makes me like it less (depends, sometimes I like it more), though I mostly don’t care, and like what I like when I like it.

This non-system is working extremely well, I think.

I surprised myself, then, this season, in not only knowing about and liking but wishing to participate in the wearing of white pumps. Pointy ones! Which I don’t even like, typically, a pointed toe. Probably the quest for heels glazed the already slippery slope, but, well. I got some.

I inject a modicum of individuality by having chosen a python print. PYTHON. Which I then kept! Meaning I tried them on and thought: YES. THESE. ARE THE ONES. Better and better.


Maiya pumps by Calvin Klein Jeans.


It is sometimes strange what I end up liking, still more strange what I end up wanting, and outright bizarre what I ultimately acquire. Try giving yourself free reign and just see what you buy. Is it what you expected? Evidence of a somewhat tacky streak is accumulating, running parallel to a brazen streak…I watch the patterns emerge with curiosity.

I truly did not see these coming.