into: art deco earrings

A couple of recent eBay finds, cloisonné art deco earrings, the acquisition of which was possibly, at least potentially in part, fueled by the stunning Gatsby trailers.


I like these orchids especially. Wearing them here.


Imagine with a simple black or navy bodycon-style dress, with these the only accent of color?

Hair up? Yes? You are seeing?


These striped enamel triangles are a bit more mod than art deco, but the impulse behind getting them was identical. Difficult to pin down exactly what that impulse was, though, or is – something related to the appeal, as a child, of a good coloring book, and maybe directly related to my own attachment to a certain coloring book of stained glass images.

Great for the Mad Men look I’m concocting. Also, enamel…enamel is going to come up again soon. I am liking enamel as a texture.