on the cheekbones: Estée Lauder Illuminating Powder Gelée


This is what I got my cheekbones. The gold illuminator (‘Heat Wave’) from the 2013 Bronze Goddess collection. These collections collectively constitute my favorite thing EL does; love the fragrance oil and the liquid bronzer, too. Gorgeous products and packaging all around. Also Bronze Goddess is a brilliant name. I wouldn’t mind being a gold goddess, either, but ‘gold’ doesn’t have that z in it, like bronze does. Bronze is a lovely, elongated, luxurious word. And is it me or are EL’s compact mirrors especially large and nice?

At the Estée Lauder counter a saleswoman dusted it all over my face, creating the impression that I’d been clobbered by Midas. I was already planning to get it but still: SOLD.

This is not incredibly subtle* (though the shimmer particles are very fine they are also distinctly golden and almost holographic at some angles). This is not for the faint of heart.

*This is incredibly subtle.

This is for….me.

Actually I have a very specific use in mind for this. It’s an ingredient for a look I’m putting together, which look is coming together very nicely indeed.