bikini of the day: sleek with leaves


An old school triange-style offering from Victoria’s Secret*. This was something I saw and instantaneously liked, and instantaneously bought. If only all acquisitions were so straightforward and satisfying.

*I think most of their swimsuits are too much, if you know what I mean, but then I keep finding options I like, especially in the cache of retired suits.

This was a case, too, wherein I had this immediate vision of an outfit and a context for the piece. This top, a pair of loose white linen drawstring pants, leather sandals, standing on a dock or a pier of some kind in the late afternoon sun…

I’ll show you sometime.

Sticking that  metal tube around the string in the middle makes such a difference, somehow! Adds such sophistication, in its little way. The tapered triangles, too, rather than the standard tangle of strings, seem a bit more sleek and streamlined. I don’t know. The appeal of this bikini seems to me so obvious that it sounds kind of dumb to explain. I want to engage in casual yet elegant activities in this bikini.

When you go to take a photo of an item of clothing you really see how wrinkled it is, which is invariably more wrinkled than you thought. I’ve picked up a kind of fancy steamer to address this issue (not for bathing suits…for normal stuff). I have some pieces I avoid wearing because they are too much work to iron and not worth wearing if you don’t iron them. [Possibly I shouldn’t have gotten these things. Much better are the things that look good wrinkled.] While I can enjoy the domestic repetition of ironing, it is in many cases impracticable. So we’ll see if I stick to the plan of actually steaming clothes or just use it for cleaning the bathroom. I have great hopes of doing both.