on the lips: Tom Ford lipstick in Wild Ginger


Are you seeing this color?

[The packaging we have covered already. Sleek. Luxe. Weighty. Fine.]

Red was the point of departure but we’ve made a detour into burnt sienna territory, with a deep tangerine the color of some massive Hawaiian flower coming out on the lips.

Wild Ginger is a great name, too. [I love ginger.] Will wear it for you sometime.

Tom Ford is a genius*, a genius, a genius.

*I strongly suggest watching a slideshow of Gucci’s 2004 Fall RTW line (linked here). Some of the most gorgeous dresses I have ever seen. This is how some of my more powerful and influential alter-egos want to dress.

This was my summer gift to my lips. Later I’ll show you what I got my cheekbones.