into: Korres lip butter in guava


I mentioned Korres lip butter briefly in my post about lip balm but I’m going to mention it again. It has a great, creamy, emollient formula that, thanks to the shea butter, does absorb into the lips (rather than just sitting on top of them). And it does, unlike many products called ‘lip butter’, have a texture close to that of butter. From one month to the next I’ll favor certain lip balms over others, and this is the one currently featured on my dressing table. Great as a night treatment or to start the day.

Most of the scents in the lip butter line I don’t like, admittedly, though I am in general pro-Korres. They are too sweet, cloying, synthetic for me (although if you know about yourself that you like this kind of scentflavor, this needn’t deter you), and I only like the guava and plum scents. The guava is quite strong as well, a pungent tropical scent, and not without a synthetic element, but I am more tolerant of tropical fruit scents, maybe, because it doesn’t bother me, or perhaps I just like the formula enough to neutralize any faint misgivings.