on the menu: coffee + pastry


Trying out my new latte mug. It works!

Had a sudden urge for classic café style mugs, and found some very affordable ones at wholelattelove.


Got the latte, cappuccino, and espresso sizes, and accompanying saucers. Clearly I had to get the saucers.

This purchase is a bit premature, as I don’t technically have a way to make espresso yet. YET. And all of these drinks are espresso-based. But I chalk all manner of this kind of premature purchasing up to research [it’s not ridiculous, its research] for the future. I would try to find slightly nicer ones for the future, I think, provided have more money in the future, but these are what I expected for the price and completely serviceable. In the meantime, I can put anything in them. Coffee. Tea. Jewelry. Buttons.


Hope you all have a good weekend!