on the lips: this badass Givenchy lipstick

Allow me to introduce you to some of the most badass lipstick packaging around (yet still sleek, not studded within an inch of its structural integrity). Givenchy’s Le Rouge line has a gorgeous formula and this packaging, while not gold, is perhaps the next best thing: leather.


Well, faux leather. Look at it! Extremely satisfying to interact with this packaging.

Sam from Pixiwoo was wearing and recommended this shade, Fuschia Irrésistable, in a video about favorite products and it went straight to the wishlist. It’s similar in color to NARS Funny Face (a semi-matte) but brighter and with a relatively glossy finish.


Mmmhmm. Yes. We need that.

It’s light, pigmented, intensely creamy, packed with skincare benefits; it has all the strengths of the latest generation of lipsticks. This kind of creamy-yet-weightless formula is easier and easier to come by these days. Estee Lauder’s new Pure Color Envy line is incredibly creamy, too, and Urban Decay’s Revolution line. Japonesque, YSL, Tom Ford… I don’t care that it is Givenchy—in fact I don’t know a lot about Givenchy—but that many of the designer brands are coming through with stellar formulas cannot be denied.

Finally (over a year later!) picked it up in a recent Sephora promo. You know, becauseIt is beautiful. If you are wondering how I could possibly need any more lipstick, I am sorry to be the one to tell you: you may be in danger of missing the point entirely.

how to: orange lips

I’m planning a number of orange lip looks for spring and summer, and I’m clearly not alone. Orange lips are trending.

Here are two recent makeup tutorials I liked, each outlining what to keep in mind when going for an orange lip and offering some good product options.

Lisa, of course, we love every time:

And this look by Nic from Pixiwoo is great, too, underlining what a killer pairing a bright lip and bold (yet not overly defined) brows can be.

There are so many species of orange – so many shades, so many textures and grades of opacity (here are a few of my favorites, and I have a few new oranges I’ll share later), this look is a lot more versatile than it sounds in the abstract.  If you go for a bolder shade, things to think about when wearing any bold lip apply. Going to go for it?

I think it’s worth considering. I quite like Nic’s suggestion of just wearing a new look around the house to get yourself accustomed to the idea. No one has to know! (see 2:34) Little by little it doesn’t seem so outrageous anymore.

image via lisaeldridge.com