on the menu: Basque chicken

I finally had a chance to make this Basque chicken recipe from Sorted while I was in San Francisco. It went so well that I made it again, with slight modifications. Better sausage.  A lot more garlic than it calls for.

IMG_7763I like these one pot meals, and this one has a lot of flavor. You basically sautée the base elements, chorizo, onion, peppers, garlic, what have you, deglaze the pan with red wine, preferably Spanish*,  add rice, pimentón, herbs, extras, broth, and shove the whole thing in the oven. The chicken you brown beforehand and place on top before baking. It’s spicy from the chorizo and pimentón, rich from the wine and olives.

More cooking with wine is in order.

*I used the 90+ Cellars Garnacha, which was quite good. Have had such good luck with all of the 90+ Cellars wines I’ve tried.