earring storage ideas

I usually like to display my favorite objects, or have them on some system of rotation such that I can see and appreciate them even when they are not strictly in use, even if they are not strictly useful. I am much more likely to remember to use them and generally incorporate them into my life, if I can see them.

[At this point it leads to more clutter than I would like, or not exactly clutter…a sense of being cramped. But there are larger storage issues at work, which so overshadow and influence this that it is a concern to save for the future.]


It must have been my mom who suggested stretching a loosely woven fabric over an embroidery hoop to store earrings, as I’ve stored my favorite earrings this way since I was a teenager. It’s great for dangling earrings. I like that they can be easily plucked off the wall to wear, and just as easily returned. Some less popular pieces that I like to look at (but rarely wear) are good candidates for this, too.

Several months ago now I had a sudden inspiration for storing studs, which I wear all the time lately. [The embroidery hoop method is only suitable for rarely worn studs, as it’s tedious to remove and re-secure them all the time.] I was looking for a ring display, actually, and realized that it would work just as well for studs (this one is black velvet). So pleased with it. I felt a bit brilliant really, when I hit upon the idea. Making small organizational discoveries like this can give me a sense of accomplishment all out of scale with the reality.


pearls, pearls, pearls, pearls

I have a jewelry box for the less favored pieces, or those that are perhaps lacking versatility or kept mainly for nostalgic reasons, but I like to have the things I wear regularly accessible and displayed in such a way as to offer choice as well as the motivation to vary that choice. Once in a while I’ll substitute in alternates from deep storage or rearrange to give different pieces pride of place. The effect of even small revisions can be surprising, causing whole new patterns of wear and preference. This is invariably satisfying and good.