weekend distraction: Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett has for me a face both beautiful and interesting, that arresting combo. Or perhaps it is that she is beautiful in an interesting way. No individual element of her face seems remarkable (excepting those cheekbones), yet the whole is so harmonious. I often like faces that seem to me mature, regardless of age. In pictures where she is younger she seems too young for her face, for it’s sweeping lines and elegant hollows, and only in middle age does does it seem to really fit her.

This all started with this first image, in which her hands look so elegant, and her expression melancholy. Then on to her style, which seems to be infallible.



Yes to all of this. Every bit of it.




(love this sultry peeping)


What is she wearing here? Some silk collared dressing gown? I don’t know, but I want it.



Images via pinterest.

If you’re into this kind of thing, I also love these Cate Blanchett makeup videos by Mary Greenwell, both the natural look and the bold look. It’s liberating to watch her slapdash approach to makeup application, and she chatters away the whole time in this entertaining way.