on repeat : Luther Vandross

This track has completely charmed me. OK, the narrative boils down to: I told a girl I loved her and she said loves me back (though things are a bit hazy, maybe at first she didn’t but there was some crying and now it seems she does). Making me so happy, I must sing. With trumpets.

It has that innocent, 80s bounciness I always go for, as if it so easily could have been Whitney Houston singing here.* 1982.

Also, how handsome is Luther Vandross and his gigantic smile?

I love at the end (4:25) where he repeats: this man is a doctor, this man is a doctor. Really, though. I suppose it’s a sexy metaphor but I just like the lines, coming out of nowhere. I need a doctor, I think, is what he’s getting at.

[Mental note to make an appointment with the dermatologist. Where would I be without you, Luther?]

*Speaking of. My favorite song ca. 14 years old (and do I like it any less now? Uhhm. No.)

How will I know? Good old Whitney, asking the hard questions.

[This video, however, I cannot even remotely get a handle on.]

I’m going to have to alternate between the two of these now.