on the menu: Sofra sweets


If you’re ever in the Watertown area, check out Sofra bakery & cafe. It’s fantastic Middle Eastern fusion with a Mediterranean lilt, owned by the same people who run the excellent Oleana in Somerville.  Ana Sortun, the head chef, also has a great cookbook (and she’s on twitter!).

[And I’m on twitter!]

I’m particularly partial to the sweet stuff, which is often an interesting blend of savory and sweet, as with the dukkah (a blend of herbs, nuts, and spices) crunch donut* (left) and the Persian spice doughnut (bottom). On the latest visit I also went for Simit, a pastry with a soft, bagel-like texture, which I used for an egg sandwich with great success.

*My current favorite.



N.B. Their shakshuka is not to be missed.