the jumpsuit, the topknot

           I love to be well dress’d Sir: and think it 

No scandal to my understanding.

                                           – George Etherege, Man of Mode. 1676.



IMG_6625There are bugs on the ground.

I gathered my hair into a topknot when I was messing around with different turban styles and liked it so much I decided to try it officially. I like it, though I think I liked the really (incredibly, horribly, could-not-be-worn-in-public) messy version better.

Oh, this is the bag I usually carry around, these days. A great thrift find that looks like a still-slightly-grubby re-purposed vintage leather football. I don’t necessarily like a bag to look pristine (then it doesn’t look casual), and I don’t want my daily bag to be something I have to suspend in a bubble of anxiety to keep it like new. Better for me to have something that, when it does incur wear, grows in character and interest.


IMG_6639At which point it begins to rain, and I am unimpressed.


Calvin Klein silk jumpsuit, Steve Madden realove heels, Zara scarf, Skagen watch, vintage LuckyBrand hobo bag. On the nails: OPI polish in Mermaid’s Tears.

These heels make me about 5’11”, and I feel that I take on Amazon-like proportions in them. The pale blush color extends this illusion further still. I like this very much.

I’ve mentioned before that I take heels with a grain of salt, valuing the absence of pain as I do*, but it cannot be denied that they create new lines and angles. When only a bit of standing or sitting is required, I can quite enjoy those lines, those angles.

*The amount of discomfort I’m willing to tolerate seems to depend on many factors.