playlist: if I were a cover band, vol. i

If I were a cover band, these songs would be somewhere in the line-up. I can actually sing these! Kind of! I can kind of sing! Sometimes!

A bit.

I can’t really play the guitar but I think I could, if I wanted to, and this seems nearly as good. I had a guitar but I sold it to buy something frivolous, I’m sure, a watch or something. I kind of want one again, now. Not to play for anyone else (though I suppose I wouldn’t mind if I grew competent, which somehow I doubt will be happening…), but just to fiddle around with myself, to learn something foreign in that haphazard way that seems often very healthy and good for my brain. I don’t really want to be witnessed doing things until the stage of moderate ability, though, so it’s quite difficult. Perhaps it is a lame excuse to say I don’t want to practice because I don’t want to give others cause to complain about the noise? [This is the trouble with a city: there are people just everywhere.]

… excuses, excuses. This is why my skills are so few.

1. HelloSaferide — I can’t believe it’s not love

2. Belle & Sebastian — Your Cover’s Blown

3. The Ravonettes — Last Dance (love this track)

4. Erasure — A Little Respect

5. Lady Gaga — Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

6. Kate Nash — We Get On

7. Hockey — Song Away

8. Hall and Oates — Out of Touch (one of the best 80s songs ever)

9. Shakira — No Creo

10. Rihanna — Take a Bow

11. Joan Jett — I Hate Myself for Loving You (one of my go-to karaoke songs…)

12. Indigo Girls — Closer to Fine

Maybe if I live somewhere remote one day, with no neighbors in earshot, I will have a dog and a guitar (and a truck, obviously), and sing my little heart out. I’ll get some Mongolian wind chimes, too. And a superb sound system. If you visit, we’ll play cards and drink bourbon, and I’ll sing you something.

image via pinterest