acquisitions: two-tone oxford pumps


OK, I’ve been liking my Bass Thea Oxfords so I was looking at what else Bass has to offer. Found this discontinued design in brown & white that is so school-marm chic. Bass Glenbrook Oxfords. Oxford pumps! I’ve been looking for these.


Really, though, I’ve bought and returned a few uncomfortable pairs. Some of the now sold out shades in this style look slightly more appealing to me, two-tone browns…but these ones had the virtue of being acquirable, and the white lends a certain formality in addition to that air of impracticality it always does.

I find white so appealing. It really might be the color I find most compelling, most desirable in any given context. This would fit with my inherently impractical (yet versatile, so versatile) nature.

♪ ♫ ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man ♪ ♫

Imagine with colored tights? A blazer?

Actually I find myself just now wishing they were entirely white, or if the brown sections were a very pale honey color instead?…maybe I could find something like that…