the crop top

 Red is black.

                            – Rei Kawakubo

In a way, a long-sleeved crop top makes no sense….

Perhaps that is what I like so much about it?


And what could be a more fitting companion than the high-waisted pencil skirt? I like the surprise of the midriff in the otherwise conservative silhouette, and the way the shape of the bared section shifts as the body moves.


Is it me or do I look kind of…scary here? Maneaterish? Evidently this is how I look sometimes.

Express high waist midi pencil skirt*, crop top from Asos, Cole Haan pumps, dupatta/scarf (giftshop), Breil Milano watch (thrifted), Mulberry Roxanne handbag (thrifted).

*Exactly the kind of pencil skirt I’ve been looking for: friendly amount of stretch, above-the-navel, below-the-knee, hugging but not without structure, not clinging. I got it in gray, too.

This is my favored bag of the moment. It has that functional, built-to-last professorial look I often like paired with a traditional aesthetic that also feels luxurious. A bit of a fashion quest tracking it down, many patient months of unwavering preoccupation, searching and waiting, waiting and searching.



the cherry Tahitian

Pearls of Joy provided this necklace for review.

Pearls of Joy hoped to see how I would style a new necklace they are offering; a stunning cherry Tahitian pearl on a delicate gold chain. I was more than happy to oblige.

IMG_7015The pearl shows purple-red in the center and peacock teal at the edges. It is beautifully round and unblemished with a size range of 9-10mm (the piece shown measures in at 9mm). As with all high quality pearls, it looks even better in person.

There are only a limited quantity, so investigate now if it catches your eye. On sale at the moment, too ($145): cherry Tahitian solitaire pendant.

The piece is very versatile to my eye. Simple enough to be the kind of necklace you could wear every day, quietly adapting itself to every style and context, luxurious enough to wear when things get fancy. This strikes me as having a professional elegance, and I immediately wanted to pair it with silk and a pencil skirt.

IMG_6856And heels.

IMG_6879Silk is such a great partner for pearls, it has that same luxurious glow. I essentially wanted the simplest, most casual form of a professional uniform (in grayscale) and a bright cherry lip. Like the necklace, the silhouette is eloquent yet unobtrusive.

In person the cherry color shows at a greater distance than on camera. The requisite neck shot:

IMG_6850The gauge of the chain is in very nice proportion to the pearl, and the chain itself very fine.


IMG_6962There is a pattern developing where I think I look a lot better in blurry pictures…or somehow the pictures look more interesting.

IMG_6920Seriously, this was my favorite shot of the day.


Black silk camisole from Fondue (thrifted), American Apparel interlock pencil skirt, Cole Haan pumps (thrifted), necklace from Pearls of Joy, earrings from Michel Michaud, vintage Timex watch. On the lips: Tom Ford lipstick in Narcotic Rouge.


p.s. Speaking of pearls, I’m giving away a gorgeous pair of freshwater studs this week. Giveaway open through Sunday. Details on how to enter here.