pie time

I made a pie.


I started with Dorie Greenspan’s apple pie recipe from Baking: From My Home to Yours, which uses tapioca as a thickener, and added a bit of cornstarch as I did not intend to use only apples. No no no.

I made a peach apple raspberry pie.

I think the best shot is on instagram. [Oh, I am on instagram now.]


First a layer of Jonamac apples (similar to McIntosh, they baked very nicely) and raspberries, then a picturesque layer of fanned peaches, which took ages and which of course I forgot to document, and which really ought to have been the top of a tart, which is the new species of baked thing I want now.


Then a tartan latticework crust, because I never can do things the easy way.

Brushed with milk and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.


So pleased with my pie, which turned out beautifully. I should really make more pie. I don’t have any rabid love for pie (excepting pecan pie, in which case it may be love), but I enjoy it. I think it’s one of those things I like making even more than I like eating, a satisfyingly involved, crafty process. It’s one of those things I am happy to give away.


 The pie bird isn’t strictly necessary when the crust is open, but it’s just so cute. And, for what it is worth (this was my first time using it), the juices did not run over, and the crust was not a soggy disintegrated mess. 



smell this: Gucci Rush


I don’t usually like even a hint of powder but for Rush I make an exception. What does it smell like? Technically it smells like peaches and patchouli, at once earthy and unmistakably sweet, with almost no evolution on the skin. Actually it smells like you intend to have a great time. Like maybe your clothes are a little tight and you went to town with the hairspray. This launched in 1999? To me it is already old-school awesome.

Typical Rush scenario, which truly happened:

Me (to guy): …Did you just rub your chin on my shoulder?

guy (now sheepish): I was smelling you…is that cool?

Me (laughing): It’s cool.


You may want to wait until after sundown, but wear Gucci Rush. People will smell you. [So, as long as you are cool with that.]