how to: orange lips

I’m planning a number of orange lip looks for spring and summer, and I’m clearly not alone. Orange lips are trending.

Here are two recent makeup tutorials I liked, each outlining what to keep in mind when going for an orange lip and offering some good product options.

Lisa, of course, we love every time:

And this look by Nic from Pixiwoo is great, too, underlining what a killer pairing a bright lip and bold (yet not overly defined) brows can be.

There are so many species of orange – so many shades, so many textures and grades of opacity (here are a few of my favorites, and I have a few new oranges I’ll share later), this look is a lot more versatile than it sounds in the abstract.  If you go for a bolder shade, things to think about when wearing any bold lip apply. Going to go for it?

I think it’s worth considering. I quite like Nic’s suggestion of just wearing a new look around the house to get yourself accustomed to the idea. No one has to know! (see 2:34) Little by little it doesn’t seem so outrageous anymore.

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