on the lips: strawberry red c/o CoverGirl


CoverGirl lip perfection lip color in Hot (305). A true, ripe strawberry color (in the beauty industry I think the term ‘strawberry’ as used to reference color usually skews too pink). I took note of this shade as it was featured beautifully on Janelle Monáe (who could not be any cuter) in a promotional piece for the line, and it came up again on xojane as a recommendation for those with dark skin tones. My skin isn’t very dark but I sometimes like to choose colors as if it is. [Specifically as if it is a medium-dark Mediterranean olive, which, with extensive tanning it is not going to get, I am convinced it would be. See?]

I can’t really speak to the oft-lauded formula yet, having only tried it once, but my first impressions are that it is pretty hard (still creamy but not as soft as Rimmel or Revlon offerings), nicely pigmented, rather unforgiving to apply. There are some claims that it nourishes the lips, and I guess we’ll see about that. I’m definitely not having that pleasant feeling that I should run out and get more colors, at least not yet. I do really like the color, though.



It’s fortunate this brandy snifter is good for something, as it is terrible for brandy.