on the menu: eggs en cocotte

Here is another extremely flexible way to prepare eggs. Cocotte means small casserole or baking dish, here a ramekin (both cocotte and ramekin such cute little words). You butter the ramekin, load the base with whatever savory debris you like (fresh herbs, vegetables, bacon), crack an egg in, top with crème fraîche or some substitute (a little cream or yogurt will do), season, and bake (375°) in a water bath.


You can add the cream element to the base as well as the top, can add cheese (could broil the cheese a bit at the end), can garnish liberally…as with omelettes, add whatever you like and cook the egg to the desired consistency. Not exactly foolproof as you can overcook the egg, but even this is quite edible. A simple formula that yields consistently tasty results.