on the menu: buttermilk waffles


I finally broke out the waffle iron. Why did I not sooner? It didn’t take nearly as long as I was imagining to get a waffle going. This is a buttermilk waffle recipe from Cook’s Illustrated (here it is featured on a cooking blog), which calls for seltzer water to add fluffiness. Works like a charm. Want to try a recipe with yeast next, then something with multiple grains, something savory…it’s only a matter of time. Only a matter of time and waffles.


I invested in a nice All-Clad waffle iron and am so pleased with it. I rarely had waffles growing up and they haven’t lost their air of specialness. Like, if I make you waffles, I must really like you.* It must be a special day (or is henceforth destined to be a special day, on account of the waffles). The people I like aren’t usually around at breakfast, but I hope this is not always the case. It’s hard to imagine a better expression of affection than a gift of homemade waffles. Especially those accompanied by blueberries and proper maple syrup.

* If you make me waffles, you must really like me. If I will not make you waffles, I must not like you quite enough, etc. An unexpectedly effective barometer.