the fox and the fro


Remember I mentioned getting a wig?

A number of my alter-egos are pleased. I think I need a different name for this look. Zora, maybe. Kiana. Léonie.

I really like shirt dresses, particularly those in casual fabrics, those with pockets, and those with long sleeves (which I then always roll up). So easy to wear, with a call to the rumpled, generously pocketed and buttoned safari aesthetic. [Which we like.] They offer a nice opportunity to showcase a belt, too.

This would look more polished if it had been ironed but I also like it this way, casual and slouchy. I could stand to have a few more of these.

[The curl in the center of the forehead* is accidental.]

*”There was a little girl, who had a little curl…”



I begin to think these sunglasses were made for a fro, they are in such good proportion.


Here the tripod malfunctions mid-snap, and I make a face that I find entertaining. I need a better tripod.


Banana Republic denim shirt dress*, vintage suede belt, Ray-Ban aviators, Skagen watch, Calvin Klein Jeans pumps, Forever Young Foxxy wig, cleopatra collar (eBay).

*I am only tempted by Banana Republic when it is deeply discounted, as this was.


And now I give you one of the best bass lines of all time:

♪ ♫ Parliament – The Motor Booty Affair ♪ ♫



weekend distraction: Erykah Badu

Given a choice between the demure and the bold, Erykah Badu routinely goes for the bold.

I aspire to this pattern.



Where to begin…9556350f0dd47254b1576ad7eedb080e




The attitude.fb75784e481267f0519da5124712f95b

The gold lips…the gold everything.




Love this shot.

[images via pinterest]

Here is a woman who is not afraid of making a statement, and with such elegance and sass. She is, as her new single with Janelle Monae proclaims her, a Q.U.E.E.N.

I imagine that she, like myself, as Frost has it, holds with those who favor fire.

She has me thinking that I should absolutely experiment with turbans and wondering…how big can my hair get now? Big hair and short shorts….such a great summer look. Also, can’t wait to show you the wig I just got.