the pendant



I recently got this pendant hanger, which allows one to hang any pendant from any chain (within the size range of the hanger). How clever is this? It’s shaped like a twisted eternity symbol and can be easily attached and removed. This pendant is a random one with a medieval look, and my favorite pairing with the pearls so far. This pairing would be at home with a much more formal look, is one thing I like about it, making a nice contrast with a casual look.


Love me a bit of houndstooth, love me a bit of python.



This creamy python print behaves effectively as a nude on me (which comes across better at a distance, or out of focus), just with a bit more interest. This 3″ height is quite friendly, too, I find, without looking kittenish.*

*Not that there is anything wrong with looking kittenish, but it is a different thing entirely.


Zara wool houndstooth blazer (thrifted), Express jeans, Pearl Paradise necklace (18″ 8mm strand), J Crew vintage v-neck tee, Nickels python pumps (thrifted), Mulberry Roxanne bag (thrifted). On the lips: Lipstick Queen lipstick in Jean Queen. Also wearing a Japonesque Color blush I’m liking a lot, and will mention properly soon.


Elbow patches!




on the street: the bowtie

It may be a function of spending more time in Cambridge than in Boston, but it’s not at all uncommon to see a bowtie around here, whether it’s a traditional or a personalized take. I pretty much enjoy them every time, but especially as a light formal touch on a mature man (where by mature I mean 40+, or maybe younger if they happen to have graying hair*). Maybe because it evokes that rumpled-yet-formal academic look I tend to like?

*which can be so elegant, to my eye.


There’s no reason bowties can’t be worn in this easy way, no reason they have to feel outdated or theatrical. This gentleman is a great example of how effective adding a small, modest element like this can be. The absence of a vest or blazer and the simple white buttoned shirt, the slightly rolled sleeves, make it so wearable, so casual to me. Take away the bowtie and he blends into the sea of pedestrians. With it, though, I pause to appreciate. Chapeau to the wearers of bowties.

p.s. The next few posts will seem late as I have decamped to another time zone! San Francisco is beautiful, and I’ve got to go buy a towel. I’ll send you a post card.