on the street: the tweed peplum jacket

Can I just dress like Kerry Washington on Scandal, please? With a splash of dressing like Kerry Washington in life?

[Lyn Paolo, the Scandal stylist, is a bit of a genius. Interesting (well, you know, interesting to me. To people who are into closets and the things you put in closets) tour of the Scandal closet with Kerry Washington here.]

Can we all just?

Well, at least one of us can. The boots are not Olivia Pope*, admittedly, but the jacket is spot on.

*If you are not following this because you are not watching Scandal, you really should consider watching Scandal. It’s on Netflix! Just watch season 1, episode 6, OK?


I love me a bit of tweed. The peplum is a feminine touch here, and the mini cape overlay is just the kind of embellishment I like on a jacket. It’s slightly formal and just beyond what is strictly, functionally necessary. I begin to want a jacket very much along these lines. The seed is planted.

Posting the profile shot so I can point out this woman’s ridiculously long and awesome lashes.

Inspiring, no? Maybe it’s time to dig out those fake lashes I got to play with a while ago.

stuff you didn’t know you needed: eyelash curlers




Eyelash curlers.

With that peculiar blend of bizarre and coveted, I wanted some; sitting on my vanity, baffling the uninitiated, adding an air of medieval torture to my beauty regimen.

If you are going to get a pair at all you might as well get a good one (sometimes a cheap version of a thing will serve…but this is not really one of those times), and that means Shu Uemura. I went for this special edition pair with the cute/crazed/terminator-esque mon shu charm.

Many report eyelash curlers as their #1 beauty step (Really. I have heard them. The idea is that they make you look more awake and alert, and maximize the visible surface area of your lashes.) but actually I think my eyelashes are naturally pretty curled already. Making this acquisition that much more frivolous.

“An upward looking eyelash propels your happiness upward!”, Shu Uemura informs me.

Well, shu, we shall see.

♪ ♫ Judas Priest – You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ ♪ ♫