a tale of two brows


I have never done anything beyond brushing my eyebrows (I really love brushing them, though). No plucking, dyeing, threading, waxing, trimming…the occasional penciling-in to darken them. They are naturally level and quite fair, the color of the lightest blonde shades in my hair rather than the darkest. I like them.

It is probably due to some tacky 90s advertising (I am thinking Jordache could be a culprit, the closest modern equivalent I could find is Amber Heard for Guess – very much the same look. Trashy gorgeous.), but I quite like the look of brows that are several shades darker than the hair. Even platinum with dark brown eyebrows…as long as they are good eyebrows. Actually I think I am, at heart, a bit trashy. And I have a thing for contrast. And for eyebrows.


So I bought an eyebrow dyeing kit, on a whim, on Amazon the other day. A basic, popular one around $12 in a light brown shade. Nothing too crazy. I imagined how well this would compliment the impending natural bleaching of the hair in summer sun, contrast-wise. I looked in the magnifying mirror at the brows.

…hm. Was it me, or did they seem, upon scrutiny, rather haphazard? No wonder people pluck them. Mine are unobtrusive, so you can’t tell that the odd hair is out of line with the natural shape. I do not want to pluck, though! I cannot be bothered, and I don’t like the idea, besides. I would have to keep it up indefinitely, and like them looking casual, as big as possible, not overly groomed. The odd out-of-line hair is key. I like the look of quite scruffy eyebrows on some, and dense Mediterranean brows, gender irrelevant.

Hm. Their natural color is lovely, too, gently bleached on the top ridge from the sun. And would never get it back…I could just use makeup when I want them darker…

So I returned the kit.

The End.