weekend distraction: it’s like a tiara for your bathroom

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Want to up the luxe factor in your daily ablutions?

Just add a chandelier.

[OK, one of these images shows sconces, but still. One doesn’t have a chandelier at all…but just imagine if it DID. See what I’m saying?]

Completely seriously, though. I want a bathroom with a chandelier.

But not, you know, a tacky one. And I would want the room to be otherwise austere.

I spend a lot of time in the bathroom, it seems, somehow…possibly on account of I am constantly grooming. So I think a lot about what I want for that space (a meditative and therapeutic space), now and in some dreamy future wherein I have more control over my space.

And I want almost everything, but not quite everything, to be white. Including the clawfoot tub, clearly.

Probably other rooms in my future abode could benefit from a chandelier as well. Something to consider…