more white stuff: Supergas

If you’re going to wear all white…you need white shoes.


I wanted something casual, something very like Converse, with the versatility and casual style of Converse…but maybe not quite Converse. Something unfamiliar and new. Maybe something more in the classic tennis sneaker silhouette….And so I browsed.

months elapse

Finally I went for these classic Supergas (via Zappos). A few weeks after coming across the brand online I saw a woman on the train wearing some red ones with a dress and some funky glasses, which was advertisement enough. Supergas are like the Converse of Italy, with a sturdier canvas upper and a [much] heavier sole (though both benefit from some kind of insole). They have pleasing seam detailing along the sides that makes them more interesting than the ultra-plain tennis shoes (why are they called that? You couldn’t properly play tennis in them at all – they have almost zero support) in addition to being better constructed and more durable. [And here is a random tidbit for you: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen are the current artistic directors of Superga.]


They have the inbuilt impracticality of all white things vulnerable to stain and wear, and we know how I like impracticality. [As if one pair of impractical white shoes were not enough.] I’ve treated them with a fabric protector to extend the life as long as possible but I understand this can only accomplish so much. So be it.

maybe…this: baseball cap

madewellI like the simple silhouette of this Madewell Biltmore baseball cap. I think the classic, curved bill can be so flattering, especially paired with something ultra feminine (say, pearls), but have had a hard time finding a hat basic and simple enough (no embellishments, clean lines, good quality fabric), yet in a compelling color.

[Yes, I find all shades of cream and white and ‘stone’ compelling. I also like vanilla bean ice cream best. What.]

I also need it to be adjustable so as to have an escape route for my hair.

I keep hinting at guy friends to give me an old one, so it will be all awesomely broken in and frayed at the edge of the bill (in a manner it would take me so long to achieve myself, authentically), but no hat has been forthcoming.


This might be the one…