the rain run

It’s been pouring rain here in Cambridge.

But I don’t mind a bit of rain.


Even a lot of rain…


I don’t actually run with my hair down (that would be silly/disastrous) but doubtless you have been wondering, what does a sphinx’s hair look like when it is wet? You see how I am always thinking of you.


Here it is freshly washed, with a bit of conditioner and oil in. This is the stage just before it goes into its habitual bun. I will leave it down now and then (to air dry – blow driers are impracticable) but it’s always something of a crapshoot, how things will turn out (especially good days live on in memory).

I’ve historically kept such a tight reign on my hair that I need to make a conscious effort to let it be, and embrace the chaos. It’s a good exercise, though. And after all, if it seems messy in a way I do not like (as opposed to strategically messy, within a range of what seems to me to be acceptably, stylishly messy), no one cares. I’m not even sure it’s an observable distinction for others. The inexorable familiarity with oneself seems always to be causing such discrepancies.


I was decidedly damp by the end of this little documentation session.

Ever since I started playing tennis a few years ago I’ve come around to the virtues of proper activewear (as opposed to, say, retired pajamas). There are so many brands making good, fashion-conscious activewear now. Yet another arena in which one need not suspend one’s style to participate.

I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of bright sneakers (to encourage the wearing of said sneakers, and the activities when wearing) but haven’t found one I like yet. Isn’t it always the way. It is just one quest after another, this life.


Climawear top, New Balance sports bra, Soffe shorts, Saucony sneakers, Adidas Duramo watch.



Great running track: Cut Copy – Lights and Music



earth friendly lipcolor

There are a number of great organic beauty ranges out now, many with respectable lip products. Here’s one I’m liking for spring, the Ilia tinted conditioner in Crimson & Clover (impossible not to hear the song in my head when I think of this, either the original or the Joan Jett rendition..I go back and forth).


This formula has a lot of pigment for a “tinted conditioner” but it has a sheerness that makes it more casual (and friendlier to apply) than true opacity. The shade is limited edition I believe, a bright red with a hint of pink. It’s a little waxy and hard at first but improves significantly as it warms up. I didn’t find this especially conditioning but it was light and unobtrusive on the lips (I forgot I was wearing it a number of times the first run) and faded evenly. I like! Straight into the bag it goes.

Other organic brands I’ve liked for lip stuff include RMS, Bite Beauty, and Josie Maran (there are a lot more I haven’t tried yet – let me know if you have recommendations!). Korres isn’t entirely organic but is extremely eco-conscious as well, and their lip butters and mango lipsticks are great.