weekend distraction: pinupgirlclothing.com

All your retro fashion dreams come true. They have accessories, too.

Surely I ought to get at least one of these beautiful things? At least try one on…

[Vendor images link to product pages]


American Apparel does something very like this, which I already have, but that doesn’t make me like it any less.


I have been looking for this kind of Lindy Bop, bell shaped skirt for a while.




Gorgeous, gorgeous. Maybe too fancy to be at all versatile but I don’t need everything to be versatile. Ideally some things will be virtually useless. Loving this color, too.


I find I have a general weakness for simple yellow floral prints like this. Usually so stoic in the face of floral prints.


A lovely basic circle skirt. They had these in a few styles.


And a gorgeous high-waisted, just-below-the-knee pencil. Still looking for one of these…and maybe this is it.