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It is probable that the juxtaposition of the excessively serious and excessively frivolous, which is the basis for the rhetoric of Fashion, merely reproduces, on the level of clothing, the mythic situation of Women in Western civilization, at once sublime and childlike.

                                                                                            –Roland Barthes, The Fashion System

I spend a lot of time determining what to acquire. A lot, a lot. I take acquisition quite seriously, or rather am able, when in the mood, to shift into a very serious stance about it, so my choices are at once outside, peripheral to what is necessary and deserving of considerable time and attention.

I think it’s always interesting, how people spend their money.

Here are some current highlights.

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If you’re in the market for a hat, the Goorin summer sale is a good place to start. I picked up a short brimmed straw panama, the Marin. [Wearing it here!]


I find hats difficult to wear, usually, but I love them anyway. They radiate attitude. They often for me can fall into or at least approach falling into the category of too much, which is exactly what I like about them.

On a slightly related note, inspired by the price and the pattern, I picked up this utterly charming and unnecessary paper parasol mentioned in a recent xojane post. A childlike selection.

8pal60852_red_frontviewA parasol is a pleasantly eccentric accessory, but a practical one, too. As a prop, for about $15, I couldn’t resist it. At 32″ in diameter, it’s not small.

Made curious by boisdejasmine‘s post about ways to use orange blossom water, I picked some up to play with.


Another comfortable underthing option for the flat chested, the Cheap Monday triangle microfiber bra (via asos). This looks less like a bra and more like a basic bikini top or abbreviated camisole. Great for wearing under loose tank tops as it doesn’t look especially bra-like, i.e. like it shouldn’t be visible. Great for tee shirts, too.


And one truly practical item, a light cargo jacket by add (via YOOX). This is a wonderfully light (ideal early autumn weight) and thin parachute-like material. Loving the symmetrical pockets that make it at once slouchy and structured. I got this quite a while ago, actually, but only recently is it approaching the weather for it.


Have also been finding some great dresses, on which will have to do a separate post.