maybe….these: Warby Parker frames

Can we agree that fashion is not always about utility? Is rather often completely independent of and/or irrelevant to utility? Can be solely about decoration and aesthetics?

OK. So, I sometimes wear fake glasses.

That is, frames with non-prescription lenses.

And why not? 

They are awesome.

Why should I be denied an entire category of accessories merely because I have, at the moment, good vision? As Superman teaches us, glasses can completely alter your silhouette, can transform your face. And he didn’t technically need them either.

So, anyway, I have a bunch of fake glasses. I mean, a few, you know. Like you do…

[They’ll come up at some point, I’ll show you.]

And I want another pair. This pair.



These are speaking to me with the simple clarity of destiny. They speak of a new self, and they are persuasive.