the heart studs

Lately I wear studs almost all the time, and these are the current favorites.


Hand sawed and stamped brass hearts, from the Etsy shop LibiClozet, stumbled upon while I was searching for something else entirely. Isn’t it always the way?

You can choose to get them without the text, and she has other shapes, too.

I like the lack of symmetrical precision, the handmade-ness giving them a childlike feel.

I don’t particularly want anything else heart-shaped or that says love on it but I really liked these. Buying them was one of those whimsical impulses that later feels strangely wise and appropriate, from which I then draw positive conclusions about my nature and mental/emotional state. Those are the best.

Wearing them here and here, though difficult to see, which shows you how small they are; really an excellent size.