on the nails: turquoise houndstooth


A bit smudged but not bad for my first stamping attempt, I think. [One step beyond yesterday’s nails.] A tricky business, nail stamping. I like a houndstooth print, though, and was determined to investigate the world of elaborate nail decor. Maybe you are, like myself a couple of months ago, wondering what nail stamping is? There is a thing called nail stamping?

Oh, there is a whole world of nail stamping. Nail art turns out to have evolved quite a bit since I was 14. Investigate at your own peril.

Stamping is a laborious process but the effect is fun. I can’t tell how much of the appeal is thinking it looks neat, and how much is being impressed that I made the effort to do it at all. Either way, I like looking at them (though they’re also sort of distracting).

Next will try variations on a theme.

Sally Hansen Jaded with MASH black using Cheeky plate CH13.