into: this jade facial roller



This post could also be called…weird stuff I buy in the wolf hours. A tapered cylinder of jade that you roll around strategically on your face.

I got this inexpensive one on Amazon but was made curious enough to buy by the info and reviews on Cult Beauty:

“This facial roller is made of pure Jade, a cleansing stone used in Chinese medicine for centuries to aid the body’s filtration organs and lymph system to expel toxins. The original, medium sized roller is designed to use around the face and neck area to aid lymph drainage and blood flow, eliminating puffiness, toning facial muscles and plumping out wrinkles. You will also find that regular use minimises spots around the chin and jawline caused by toxin build-up.”

Sign me up!

Seriously though, I’m about a month in and I really like this thing. It feels soothing and satisfying, like any good massage. I only use the larger side. Is it doing anything? ::shrug:: My skin doesn’t look worse, and lymphatic drainage is a real thing (I like body brushing, too). I’m inclined to believe it’s doing something. I don’t shy from adding additional steps to my skincare routine when they have a purpose, or are a pleasure to me (ideally both).