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On March 17, 2014 by theseventhsphinx



I recently got this pendant hanger, which allows one to hang any pendant from any chain (within the size range of the hanger). How clever is this? It’s shaped like a twisted eternity symbol and can be easily attached and removed. This pendant is a random one with a medieval look, and my favorite pairing with the pearls so far. This pairing would be at home with a much more formal look, is one thing I like about it, making a nice contrast with a casual look.


Love me a bit of houndstooth, love me a bit of python.



This creamy python print behaves effectively as a nude on me (which comes across better at a distance, or out of focus), just with a bit more interest. This 3″ height is quite friendly, too, I find, without looking kittenish.*

*Not that there is anything wrong with looking kittenish, but it is a different thing entirely.


Zara wool houndstooth blazer (thrifted), Express jeans, Pearl Paradise necklace (18″ 8mm strand), J Crew vintage v-neck tee, Nickels python pumps (thrifted), Mulberry Roxanne bag (thrifted). On the lips: Lipstick Queen lipstick in Jean Queen. Also wearing a Japonesque Color blush I’m liking a lot, and will mention properly soon.


Elbow patches!




  • Khanin Yu

    Excellent outfit! I am perpetually envious of your closet and how well you pull off unique pieces like those jeans.
    I have been considering trying out Jean Queen for a while and I am swooning, would you by any chance know how it compares to Pink Truffle (Revlon lip butter) which I already own?

    • theseventhsphinx

      Hm, I’ll have to get back to you on how it compares to Pink Truffle (which I’ve been wanting to try anyway…), but Jean Queen is sublime. It’s the sheer tinted lipstick I would recommend most highly across the board (to all skin tones, and all comfort levels). The formula is incredible (nicer than any other Lipstick Queen lipsticks I’ve tried, too), and so friendly.

      • theseventhsphinx

        And thanks! Can you believe I was on the fence about these jeans for weeks?

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  • Martine

    I love your hair.

    • theseventhsphinx

      Thank you! Can’t wait for it to bleach out a bit this summer.

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