hit ’em high

On April 7, 2014 by theseventhsphinx


I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high




These are incredibly comfortable jeans. Pseudo-jean legging things. I don’t uniformly love a high waist (not every time, not in every context), but I really like these. At one point I was going on about back pockets and proportions, and these pockets are, to me, a great size. (I also really like these jeans pocket-wise, the pockets of which are even more square). Larger back pockets, if anything, make my ass look bigger, more generous—as does a high waist—, which I like. Small back pockets do not make it look any smaller (no one is fooled by this ploy), which I don’t want anyway*, and they look immature and useless besides.

*I want it to look…not small. Like, a handful. I have no time for jeans that are not on board with this goal.



Express Stella high waist leggings, Eric Michael boots, Urban Outfitters plaid shirt, Banana Republic trench (thrifted), necklace via asos, J Crew belt, Mulberry bag (thrifted), Fossil watch. On the lips: Milani lipstick in Naturally Pink, much blotted and with Smith’s Rosebud Salve over top. On the cheeks: Michael Kors bronzer and Tom Ford blush in Love Lust, which will tell you about soon. It’s gorgeous, just a bit more muted/sophisticated than the (otherwise very similar) Japonesque blush I like so much.


I’ve been wearing my hair down more, too. Not as inconvenient as I was remembering. Hm. Don’t faces look totally different at 10′ vs 2′ away? The whole architecture of the face seems to change.



p.s. I’m giving away one of these Designsix ‘love’ necklaces this week. Just leave a comment below to enter! Open internationally, winner will be chosen randomly next Monday 4/14/14 at 10pm EST and informed through disqus. Good luck!

  • Khanin Yu

    You look great with your hair down and it really suits the look of this outfit! I love a good structured shirt paired with denim, but having my hair up makes things a little too severe since then almost everything is ‘tucked in’. Also an excellent pop of color at the belt that is a little flash of the long-awaited springtime. I think belts work best to accentuate the high waist, they almost seem superfluous to me somehow…

    • theseventhsphinx

      I agree! I am often thinking about a balance of casual and severe, and typically don’t want to look too polished. And it’s true, I think the high waist would be just as pronounced without the belt. I rarely seem to wear a belt that is serving a true, traditional belt function, anyway. Just another chance to add a bit of decoration…

      • Khanin Yu

        Oops, I just noticed I left out the bit where I meant belts seem superfluous to me on low-waist denim… I do think high waists deserve that extra pop of definition a belt affords! At the other end of the spectrum, belting a low waist feels so bulky to me.

        • theseventhsphinx

          Ah, I’m with you re: the pop! Belts tend to be a case by case thing for me, though, and I always seem to be somehow changing my mind about them, or thinking better of them.

  • Sarah Blue

    Love this look, although not many of us can make jeggings look acceptable, lol!

    • theseventhsphinx

      🙂 Well, to each its own…

  • “Love” that necklace!!! And the rest of your ensemble! And the blog, too. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • theseventhsphinx

      Thanks! Did Kathy tell you that I ate basically all the leftovers of that gorgeous lemon cake you made?

      • Yummmm!!! I’m glad you enjoyed the leftovers! (She did the majority of the work on the lemon one…I was working on the cheesecake!)

  • Molly Shaffer Parr

    What a pretty necklace.

    • theseventhsphinx

      That’s pretty much exactly what went through my head as I hit the ‘add to cart’ button.

  • Kathy sent me over from Facebook — I love your look! I need to invest in better jeans; mine aren’t nearly as flattering.

    • theseventhsphinx

      I don’t think they have to cost a lot, necessarily, but you DO have to try on a lot of different brands and styles to find what you like (and which brands are using patterns and cuts that work for you). Good luck!

    • theseventhsphinx

      Hi Juliana, you have won the necklace! Please e-mail me your address at theseventhsphinx(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll ship it out to you!

  • Courtney

    Great photos–love the pensive look on your face and the authenticity! I’m a big fan of prompt jewelry–to remind you of what’s important throughout the day!

    • theseventhsphinx

      Thank you! I find a lot of model faces in magazines ridiculous… I try not to emulate them in most cases.

  • jacki

    love the jeans. love the necklace. but mostly, love your hair!

    • theseventhsphinx