bikini of the day: simplicity in black and white


Here we have a white Victoria’s Secret Triangle Top paired with the simplest pair of black bikini bottoms from Calvin Klein. These bottoms are so basic as to look really like underwear, which definitely has its own appeal.

The triangle top is a somewhat flexible piece (so many adjustable parts, and the difference of a few square centimeters surprisingly significant, moving between sizes) and one that I particularly like. I can’t quite tell if it is because I think it is most flattering on me…or because I think it is the most abstractly flattering in my store of cultural images. Who cares? Bring them on in all patterns and colors. This is the silhouette most represented in my little swimsuit drawer area. The white top in particular goes with so many things, not only swimsuits but…anything, really. Very nearly anything. Usually I take out whatever padding is involved, if any, but I can like the look of it, too. Just another option.

There is something of classic American sportswear in this kind of look; sleek, pared down solids that fit and flatter. Ralph Lauren. Michael Kors. This is my favorite aspect of American designers. It creates, in the best circumstances, an understated elegance and quiet luxury that is in line with my own aesthetic, or maybe more accurately with the aesthetic to which I aspire.