on the street: the bright suit

On August 31, 2013 by theseventhsphinx


Look at this boycutie in the bordeaux suit. I love when people are distracted by their phone and don’t notice you taking a candid shot of them (until it’s too late). I don’t mind asking people to stop but I prefer a candid shot 9 times out of 10, if I can get it.

He is clearly polished from head to toe, and I approve of these color choices all around. I like the pastel brogues with the rich color of the suit, and the printed shirt underneath. So many don’t venture beyond a plaid pattern with a suit, if that.

I think so many different colors could work with this formula of a rich, dark suit color and a pale, pastel shoe color. A rich cobalt suit with buttercream shoes, a dark forest green suit with pale brown or baby pink shoes…I think any combination would be interesting.

All of the dark, rich colors seem to go beautifully with each other, too, as the shirt demonstrates nicely.

crafted: multi-strand necklace ft. pearls, coral, lapis lazuli

On August 29, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

I recently made a multi-strand necklace, inspired by a challenge on the pearl-guide beader’s forum to put something together with three strands or more. [If you’re here from PG, you may have seen this already.]

Provided it’s feasible*, I love to make stuff. Maybe even more than the making, I enjoy thinking up stuff to make. Or rather thinking up stuff I want and, when I can’t find it, concluding that I’ll have to make it. If I have or can acquire the know-how, there is that undeniable appeal of being able to make myself precisely what I want (and such good gifts they make, too), with no compromise. Well, unless I muck it up.

*at least roughly within my abilities, i.e. the project won’t be abandoned, or a disaster, or impossible, or an ‘educational experience’ with no tangible results…(there have been a lot of those)


IMG_6236I used lapis lazuli chips, coral branches, and 5-5.5mm button pearls (all from JP Stachura). I knotted the pearl strand (on Power Pro, if you’re interested) and simply strung the others.

[Possibly you remember how much I  like pearls. How very much.]


IMG_6235I love, love these colors together. Separately, too, but especially together. From the beginning I was set on weaving the strands together (rather than making a torsade), to emphasize the jagged quality of the elements, and break up the chunks of color.

IMG_6234Part of the challenge was naming the piece. With the coral and the pearls together it seems like the necklace of a sea nymph to me, so: The Nereid.

I like naming things.


on the street: easy breezy

On August 27, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

IMG_6281Speaking of J Crew, this girlwoman looks like she has stepped right out of their catalog, which publication grows more like a fashion magazine each season under the brilliant Jenna Lyons. It doesn’t matter where these pieces are from, it is just that J Crew look: easy light layers (usually separates), soft friendly fabrics, youthful silhouettes, solids mixed with clean prints in contrasting colors, ballet flats. There is nothing really complicated about it but not everyone gets it to look so effortless and easy as it looks here.

I like this simple leather postal/messenger bag best of all.

weekend distraction: graphic tees

On August 25, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

It is rare that there is a graphic tee I would consider wearing. Some I can like on others but it’s not quite my style – the graphic distracts from the play of color and texture, which is so much more compelling to me.

This week, though, I’ve seen a few that have me reconsidering.

First and most seriously under consideration is the Kiss kiss tee from the J Crew Fall ’13 season. Simple text on one of my favorite things: a white shirt. AND words and kisses are two more of my favorite things (you may remember that I love kisses). I am not in the habit of buying expensive t-shirts…or really t-shirts at all, but maybe I will make an exception here.


Next is this astrology tee from LuckyBrand, which I just happened to see on a hunt for a blazer. I’m not a devotee of astrology but I do like the symbols associated with and the ancient concepts behind it. I am consistently interested in complex symbolic systems but more to the point, the image is cool to me. Also to the point, the cotton they use is incredibly soft and thin.


astrology zoomStill debating.

[vendor images]

Spectacle island

On August 24, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

Last week I took a day trip to one of the Boston Harbor Islands with my sister (who has a cooking blog with lots of excellent recipes). Finally a little bit of a beach.

Supposedly called spectacle island because it is shaped like a pair of spectacles. Which it is not.

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Cormorants drying their waterlogged wings, bees on butterfly weed, those lovely rustic anti-erosion fences that always look the same from one dune to another, winding through the tall beach grass, a wild turkey with a very dim sense of self-preservation, tides converging at a nearly perpendicular angle, the view of the city across the water, sitting in the sand in my bathing suit






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