weekend distraction: striping

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[via the nailasaurus]

This is the skill level to which I aspire re: nails, which I have been entirely overlooking as a realm of decoration and atmospheric contribution.

After about 72 hours of research & development [i.e. browsing the archives of nail blogs – there is a lot to know about nail and cuticle care alone, and there are so many finishes available], I conclude that it is going to take a while but is within my power, provided the proper ingredients.

Which I will soon have.


Datum: throughout adolescence, I watched deMille’s  The Ten Commandments every year (abc broadcast it annually on Easter for a while).

weekend distraction

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on the menu: miscellaneous breakfast burrito

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Zucchini/mushroom orzo rolled up into a bacon/thyme/manchego frittata + wheat tortilla.

[I am at that point in the grocery cycle where I have some leftovers, and a little bit of a lot of things.]

So good!

Once in a while the bizarre combinations work out.

into: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid lipsticks

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I have a few of the original Color Sensational lipsticks, and have liked the creamy, pigmented texture for years now. These brights are just as good, and perhaps more consistent in texture, as there were a few duds in the original line. The scent is a slightly strong fruity synthetic, reminds me of some of Rimmel’s lipsticks. Smells a bit cheap (and I would rather have the base chemical ‘lipstick’ smell alone than that plus a fruity coverup), but not something that bothers me.

I really like that bright lips are popular now. I’ve always liked them, but that they are on trend means more companies are catering to the demand, and the drugstore is offering some real options. A number of these colors are excellent dupes for high end shades, notably MAC, and are (for the savvy shopper) a third of the price.

After a bit of research I went for the colors I was initially drawn to: (L to R) Vivid Rose, Hot Plum, Shocking Coral. I didn’t intend to get so many, but there was a sale and I had a coupon…

Throw these on with a little blush (even better, use the lipstick itself as a cream blush) and you don’t need anything else. I’ve been experimenting with wearing lipstick on days I don’t want to wash my hair, and it can pull a pretty shoddy ensemble together. I mean a social experiment, where I watch for reactions. I swear, in bright lipstick I am more likely to get asked for directions, offered assistance, bantered with at the cash register, randomly smiled at more…there is just more interaction. [As opposed to bold eye makeup, which yields less interaction than average, my informal experiments show.]

I also have Coral Crush from the regular Color Sensational line, which is likewise worthy of the ‘vivid’ modifier. Going to have to talk about corals soon.


Friday morning playlist: ♪ Music is My Bathtub ♫

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