the retro maillot

Women fond of dress are hardly ever entirely satisfied not to be

seen, except among the insane; usually they want witnesses.

                                                                      – Simone de Beauvoir


These rounded cat eye sunglasses put me in a retro mood.



I searched for a boyshort maillot for ages before I found this one by Seafolly, which has just the silhouette I was looking for, though a bit dull in the back. Despite the forgiving ruching and full (for swimwear) coverage, it still manages not to leave much to the imagination.

Sometimes I can really get behind a halter, which has, in ideal circumstances, a symbiotic relationship with the shoulders, each strengthening the other.

History shows that I consistently go for this kind of drab olive color.


Boyleg maillot from Seafolly (thrifted), sun hat from San Diego Hat Co., Vuarnet sunglasses* (thrifted), 8-9mm pearl studs from Pearls of Joy, Nieman Marcus beach tote (gwp), 8-strand pearl bracelet (eBay), on the lips: Wet ‘n Wild Megalast lipstick in Purty Persimmon (swatched here).

*I’ve been looking for sunglasses with glass lenses, and found the price and style range I was looking for in the French brand Vuarnet. They have a selection of lenses designed for different lighting situations, which high-performance lenses provide protection while allowing great clarity and visibility. The only strange thing about them is the cheapness of the plastic used for the frames given how expensive the lenses are. And the weight can drag them down your nose.


Hugh Laurie wrote a comic novel! It’s quite funny, I suppose in just the way you would expect. I would have read it on the virtue of his uber-appealing salt & pepper stubble alone. Hugh Laurie, is there anything you cannot do?

[My beach towel has penguins on it. I got it when I was 9.]