on the menu: the rosemary gin tonic

More adventures in the land of adding promising ingredients to the classic gin & tonic (standard procedure with the Spanish-style gin tonic, which may be ordered with any number of garnishes).

This time rosemary and lime juice garnished with cucumber. I wanted to add some fresh ginger matchsticks  as well but…why not save something for next time?


The key ingredient here is actually this jumbo ice cube. Brilliant, no? Takes ages to melt. This company also makes massive spherical ice cube molds, which look comparably badass.


The longer the embellishing element can steep in the gin beforehand, the better.


 I’ve used Beefeater 24 gin here, which I like a lot (plenty of juniper coming through and not too sweet), and Fever-Tree Tonic Water, which is excellent (and again, pleasantly dry).

weekend distraction: nature in bronze

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I find the line of jewelry by Michael Michaud so compelling–botanically accurate renderings of humble leaves and flowers. What a lovely gift for anyone with an attachment to some particular plant.

I particularly like the wisteria, boxwood, orange blossom, pussy willow, and rosemary pieces. And the herb napkin rings – I don’t even have napkins and I want those. I will get some napkins.

The prices aren’t outrageous (not inexpensive, but not out of reach, especially discounted), and the pieces look so inviting and easy to wear, particularly the earrings and bracelets. The brooches, too, actually, though I typically wouldn’t even consider a brooch. [I’ve included a number of brooch images as they showcase the quality of the casting well.]

The wisteria necklace I find stunning.

Anyone looking to get me a gift, at least, could not go wrong with these.

[images from eBay]