the vintage spoon bracelet

I’m borrowing this bracelet from CPL for a while and liking it so much, I wear it all the time.

IMG_7446Antique silver spoons shaped into a circlet with a magnetic clasp.* I particularly like this art-deco wheat pattern. Articulated and quite heavy, it falls beautifully on the wrist. Weight is a boon to any draping cause.

*which magnet is no joke, and needs to be kept away from electronics and watches and such.

This piece is from Recycled Silverware by local artisan John Atkinson. [617-372-2817,]

You can find similar designs from a number of Etsy sellers. [keyword search ‘spoon bracelet magnetic clasp’] I have my eye on some of these. There are spoon rings, too, evidently, which have a nice massiveness to them. And doubtless other things. Forks**…wind chimes…

**I like that the distinction is maintained, whether it used to be a spoon or a fork, even though the business end has been sacrificed for the sake of decoration.