on the menu: the perfect soft-boiled egg, ramen-wise


The physical and chemical properties of eggs are pretty much endlessly interesting to me, and I can eat eggs every day. Was craving ramen after reading this great breakdown of why it is easier to get a great soft-boiled egg (that is also easier to peel) if you start the egg in boiling water. This is a 6 minute egg dropped into a rapid boil, and somewhere between 5 and 6 I find just right for this application.


Ramen (again) with all the garnishes I can fit, aided by the use of a generous bowl (I love this one from Finnish brand Arabia, ideal for me in curvature, size and weight).



on the menu: deluxe ramen






 Ramen is so ripe for improvement, the brands you can find at Asian markets especially so. I add all manner of enhancements and it seems I cannot go wrong. The most flexible dishes are often the most reliable, too, I think.

Prime candidates include: egg, cabbage (a lot), scallions, ginger (a lot), garlic, lemongrass, sesame seeds, sesame oil (a lot), bouillon, miso paste, mirin, hot pepper (whole or flakes), soy sauce (a little, maybe), carrots, celery (a lot), any other vegetables that seem amenable…